Dominic Berry / Glastonbury Poet in Residence / Author / Playwright

“Dave Viney is up there with my favourite performers of poetry.

Usually when someone says ‘a poet for people who don’t like poetry’, they mean they’re not very poetic, just funny. Dave has both humour and poetics in abundance. He has a deep understanding of what makes a funny line. His writing is finely honed and his quick-witted ability to react to audiences when he’s on stage adds to this. To match this with a skill for interesting, provocative and original imagery is all too rare. Dave has a natural gift for unusual and memorable phrasing and a clear love of language.

Dave has shown time and time again, through his shows at Salford’s Lowry theatre, through his regular hosting of Manchester’s ‘Bang Said The Gun’, through his impressive slam poetry performances and his numerous guest spots about our city and beyond, he is a talented, emotive, charismatic and hugely engaging performance poet.”

Byron Vincent / regular at the nation’s most prestigious literary and music festivals, television and national radio

“Poignency without pretention, scalpel sharp insight.   Dave Viney’s observations on class and culture are deft, powerful and most importantly bulls-eye accurate.”

Jackie Hagan / Award Winning Poet and Playwright

“Dave Viney is honest, droll, narky and genuinely funny with stand-out lines that stick in your head.  Aggressively unpretentious, but with a real love of language.  Catch him in real life if you can.”

Jo Haydock / Founder Shangri La Cabaret, Prestwich. Est. 2007

“Dave Viney is a masterful wordsmith, he has the perfect balance of charm and attitude and can play an audience like an eager orchestra.

His poetry is clever, insightful and at times downright hilarious, but ultimately, always engaging and entertaining!    I always look forward to him playing at our cabaret night and he always goes down an absolute storm!”

Marvin Cheeseman / Veteran Performance Poet

“Dave Viney is an extremely talented poet, both on stage and the page and (almost as important) he’s a top bloke.”

The Backroom / Reviews

“The night was punctuated with some great poems from the very funny Dave Viney – a local poet / comedian. From the off Dave has the room smirking and giggling away as well as reflecting on what it is to be a Mancunian.  As an introduction to Dave this was a great find for me, I love comedy and Dave’s unique perspective on things really took my breath away.”

Tony Walsh / Poet in Residence Glastonbury / Kendal Calling / Electric Picnic

“Dave Viney’s anthems take Route One to their target and always leave the crowd cheering. He shoots, he scores!”

Words and Voices / Reviews

“Oozes smooth Mancunian swagger.”

Gerry Potter / AKA Chloe Poems / Poet / Playwright

“I’m confident to say that in Dave Viney, the poet’s voice is pitched as perfect in its content, as it is in his delivery.

There is a gentle machismo at work here.   Working and jiving with the sensitivity of language.                                                            Definitely a voice for now and the future.”

Matt Panesh (Monkey Poet) / Multiple Fringe Award Winner

“Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay is that after the show I booked him immediately, knowing that he could deliver alongside nationally acclaimed professionals.”

Mike Gary / Poet and Facilitator

“Dave Viney is a very funny man and ten times more talented than he is funny.”

Jonny Fluffypunk / Poet / Playwright

“With one hand clutching his haemorrhaging heart and the other around the throat of popular culture, there stands Dave Viney:  a human radiator to warm us against the Cold Northern night.  Funny.  Incisive.  Poignant.  And a top fella to boot.”

Jo Bell / UK Canal Laureate

“Dave Viney is one of the authentic voices of Manchester, a man who can be funny, sincere and compassionate in one fell swoop.”

Thick Richard / Professional Gobshite (his words not mine)

“At first I thought he was going to try and steal my handbag, but instead he stole our hearts!  And my handbag.”

Jen Beth Caz AKA Doolally/ hosts of Tickle Your Fancy Cabaret

“Dave is straight talking and ‘how it is’ while balancing both a Manchester muscularity and a sweet clarity from his heart!  It’s a very precious thing hearing men talk like this. We booked him for our very first cabaret evening – ‘Tickle your fancy’ in Chorlton and he did not disappoint. The audience loved him and we’ve had him back several times since.”

Alex Slater/ host of Speak! Spoken Word night

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dave Viney perform before and so had an idea of his quality and reputation.

What makes Dave unique is not just the fact that he is poetically fantastic, which he is, but that he has an innate ability to very quickly read the room and tailor his set accordingly. Previously I’d seen him play to a rather full but very quiet, sensitive room, sombre almost and his tone played to the ear of his audience.

Again, Dave took into consideration the atmosphere of the room and played to it perfectly. Meanwhile his patter in between pieces, his genuine comedic ability both in his poetry and in his skills as a host, makes him a real asset and a guaranteed highlight of any night.

Sensational performance, had the audience’s attention from the off til the end and had them howling with laughter, also a real joy to work with – no bullshit.”

Trudy Howson / host of London’s Incite Spoken Word night / LGBTQ Laureate

“Magic on the stage.  So nice to be in a room full of laughter.”

North West End / Reviews

“After the interval performance poet Dave Viney presented a 20 minute set with some exceptionally clever and well written pieces centred on his northern roots.  Highlights included tales about his first gig in London, the reason Stretford refuses to be gentrified and a self-penned list of new Northern Rail delay excuses.

Viney is a talented performer who I would love to see more of in the future. His final piece about Manchester written after last year’s bombing drew the biggest ovation from the audience all afternoon.”

Robert Steventon / host of Punk in Drublic Spoken Word & Comedy – in association with homeless charity Mustard Tree

“Dave delivers with a charming sincerity that makes his home town homages, rants and rhymes all the more genuine.  His writing is riveting; often hilarious and always honest.   His poetry performances are entwined with anecdotes of top drawer Stand-up comedy quality and richly engaging in their imagery, colloquialisms and nostalgia.

Dave Viney is unpretentious, unflinching and undeniably one of the best spoken word performers in the country right now.”

Kate Fox / Renowned Performance Poet

“Dave Viney is an excellent, vibrant, kinetic performer of thoughtful and punchy poems.”

Becky Evans / The Fitting Room / Events Project Manager

“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for last night, you were a pleasure to work with and everything was a breeze. Your material on stage was really interesting, thought provoking and lovely to watch.