Grew up (too fast): Manchester / Stretford.    Based:  Manchester.

A multiple poetry slam winner, playwright, workshop facilitator, youth worker and guest at poetry nights and festivals across the UK –  I have written and performed for BBC Manchester Radio, written and performed two well received shows at the Lowry Theatre as part of the Working Verse Collective and my debut collection ‘A Poet Called Dave’ was published in 2015 with Flapjack Press.

I was commissioned to write and perform at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the World Taekwondo Championships at Manchester Arena in May 2019, televised live on BT Sport.

Please feel free to contact me about performances, workshops, collaborations, or writing opportunities.



Writing credit on Dominic Berry’s nationally toured spoken word play ‘Wizard’ – 2012. 

Writer / Performer -‘Amateur Thematics’ – Lowry Theatre – 2012 / 2013. 

Writer / Performer – ‘Writer’s Retweet’ – Lowry Theatre – 2013.

‘Rusholme Roulette’ chosen for BBC Turn Up the Talent Showcase – 2013.

Writer / Performer – ‘Shapes’ – Edinburgh Fringe – 2014.

Writer – ‘Dead Alert’ – Youtube – 2020. 

Writer – ‘Love Bugged’ – Youtube – 2020. 



2nd place (by a point – not that I’m counting) – Swindon Spiel Unlimited Slam 2013.

2nd place – Superheroes of Slam Final 2013.

1st place – Fuel Word Cup – 2015.

1st place – Axis Arts Slam – 2015.

1st place – Hammer & Tongue, Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth – 2016.

Finalist – Hammer & Tongue National Finals, Royal Albert Hall, London – 2017.

1st place – Huddersfield Literature Festival Slam – 2018.



Bang Said the Gun – debut collection Burning Eye Books  (poem: Sonnet to the Cynical)

Best of Manchester Poets: Volume 2 / Puppywolf Press  (poem: Hobson’s Choice Words)

Best of Manchester Poets: Volume 3 / Puppywolf Press  (poem: My Mind is Spiderman)

Retail Woes / Local Gems Poetry Press, New York (poem: True Britannia)

Working Verse Collective debut collection ‘The Prequel to the Sequel’ /  Flapjack Press

Gumbo Press Magazine – 1st Edition. (poem: Kiss My Assets)

First solo collection ‘A Poet called Dave’ / Flapjack Press / 2015.


HOSTED (including performance):

Eurocultured / Manchester

Stevenson Square Jubilee Celebrations.

Poets Get Mashed.

Freed Up / Manchester’s Green Room.

Bang Said the Gun: Manchester

Kendal Calling Soapbox Tent Poets 2013.

Kendal Calling Lost Eden: Carvetti Stage 2015.

Kendal Calling Lost Eden: Carvetti Stage 2016.

Kendal Calling Lost Eden: Carvetti Stage 2017.


Performed full sets at numerous events / nights across the Country.  Supported bands.  Facilitated writing workshops.  Coached poets.



I have Body Dysmorphia.  This has proved a barrier to decent footage and photographic representation of my work in the past, before I was fully aware of what was going on and before I knew how to apply logic and the tricks I now use to make it manageable.

In terms of footage / photographs – it’s fine – but I would appreciate a heads up if I’m going to be tagged in anything on social media, as it’s the way my mind processes my appearance that’s the problem – not the act of capturing footage or photos.  Hope that makes sense.

I now work to raise awareness of BDD, help others affected by the condition and try to be an example of how it can be discussed without stigma and not hold back performers.

If you wish to talk about this more, or ask questions, or know someone who could use a conversation about it – I’m always up for that conversation.

*I’m aware that using the name DAVE instead of David has meant I sometimes fall foul of the institutionalised stigma that comes from its use in Only Fools and Horses, the Dave comedy channel, general comedy usage etc. – so if you want to use David on your promotion of any gig I’m doing, it’s completely your call.  I’m happy with either version of my name.  I tend to use Dave for the poetry (seemed like a good idea at the time and too late to change it now) and David for theatre and TV – it’s easier for me to keep track that way.  But it’s the words that count, not my name, so wheatever works…